How to listen to Audible with Alexa

In this article, you will learn how to use various voice commands to ask your Alexa assistant to read your audiobooks from Audible.

Audible is already integrated into Alexa, it is not necessary to add an Audible option in your Alexa app. You can listen to Audible audiobooks on Amazon Echo speakers using the Alexa voice recognition system. Just use the same email address for Alexa and Audible: the one of your Amazon account.

Here is a selection of Alexa voice commands to control the playback of your audiobooks on Audible.

Audible Library

Alexa can tell you which are your latest purchased audiobooks, but for a complete list, you can visit the Alexa app.

Alexa, what are my books in my Audible library?
Alexa, what is in my Audible library?


Your library has [number] audiobooks. Your most recent purchases include [title1, title2 and title3].
Check the Alexa app for a complete list.


If you are using an Alexa device with a screen like an Echo Show, Alexa will display a list of your audiobooks.

Listen to an audiobook on Audible

Here is a list of commands to access and read your Audible audiobook.

Read your current audiobook

Resume the reading of your current Audible audiobook where you left it on any of your devices.

Alexa, read my audiobook
Alexa, play Audible
Alexa, resume my book


Read another audiobook

You can read another audiobook from your Audible library when you specify its title.

Alexa, read [title] on Audible
Alexa, read [The Hobbits]



Alexa, pause
Alexa, stop



Alexa, continue my book
Alexa, resume


Navigate into the audiobook

Alexa allows you to move back or forward from the current reading position. By default, the jump is 30 seconds. But you can specify another duration at the end of your instruction.

Forward 30 seconds

Alexa, forward


Forward by another duration

Alexa, forward [duration]
Alexa forward [40 secondes]


Rewind 30 seconds

Alexa, rewind
Alexa, step back [duration]


Rewind by another duration

Alexa, rewind [duration]
Alexa, rewind [5 minutes]


Changing chapters

Go to the next chapter

Alexa, next chapter


Go to the previous chapter

Alexa, previous chapter


Restart the chapter

Alexa, restart the chapter


Specify the chapter

Alexa, go to chapter [X]
Alexa, first chapter


Find the name audiobook in playback

If you are not sure about the book you’re listening to, you can ask Alexa to tell you what’s the title and author.

Alexa, what is this book?
Alexa, what are you reading?


[title] by [author]


Reading speed control

Alexa lets you control the reading speed of your Audible audiobook. The setting will apply only to the current book you are listening to.
There are 3 preset speeds:

  • slow speed (0.75x)
  • normal speed (1x)
  • fast speed (1.25x)
  • very fast speed (1.5x)

Decrease the reading speed

Read your audiobook one step slower to the minimum speed of 0.75x.

Alexa, read slower


Increase the reading speed

Read your audiobook one step faster to the maximum speed of 1.5x.

Alexa, read faster


Reset the reading speed

Read your audiobook at the normal speed of 1x.

Alexa, read at normal speed


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  1. I need Alexa to REAd my book titles in my audio library INCLUDING free ones from Audible Plus catalog not just the ones I purchased.

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